Vitamin C Facial Serum
Vitamin C Facial Serum
Vitamin C Facial Serum
Vitamin C Facial Serum

Vitamin C Facial Serum

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Our signature serum, curated to restore skin’s balance, texture and natural radiance. This Botanical Enriched Vitamin C Serum is a multi-faceted facial oil comprised of nutrient dense ingredients. The potent combination is designed to deliver free-radical fighting antioxidants, nourishing fatty acids, and balancing minerals to rejuvenate, repair, tone, and protect the skin. We’ve carefully selected various base and essential oils that work together in harmony to work for wonderfully on every skin type.
To Use
In the morning and before bed, warm a few drops between your palms before applying to face, neck, and chest. Just a little goes a long way!
Can also be used as a primer under your makeup. 
coconut oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil, essential oil blend (grapefruit, lemon peel oil, lavender, tangerine, rosehip, watermelon seed, neroli, geranium, bergamot, cypress, lime, rose, rosemary).

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